The Profession

Colon Hydrotherapy may be added to numerous other therapies, or practised alone. It is a remarkably effective therapy for primary bowel problems and many secondary problems linked to poor bowel function. Therapeutic results are very rapid, often being noticed immediately after treatment, and the effects of herbal, homoeopathic or conventional treatments are often enhanced.

It is hardly surprising that demand for this therapy has grown so rapidly, thanks to favourable publicity and word-of-mouth recommendation from patients; at present, it is a "Cinderella" therapy, and there is a high demand for trained therapists to work in multi-practice clinics, health clubs and beauty clinics.

We are also training many doctors and nurses who are disillusioned with the NHS, and wish to have an effective therapy to work with.

The advantages of being a colon hydrotherapist are multiple: the satisfaction of seeing people recover from primary long-term problems of bowel and secondary problems of the skin, joints, digestion, etc., the monetary value of having a good business of your own, or adding to your present therapy.

Several colonics can be done daily at a charge of £65 to £100 per treatment, depending upon location. Other than the initial cost of equipment and training, overheads are relatively low.

Our resource list gives details and suppliers of both inexpensive gravity equipment and of dedicated machines.

Colon Hydrotherapy now has a National Occupational Standards (NOS - CNH26, published in 2017) which sets out minimum standards of knowledge and understanding as well as performance criteria. NCCH teaching exceeds these.

The National College of Colon Hydrotherapy are the only colonic teaching members of the General Naturopathic Council, and have, from 2010, succeeded in promoting the voluntary regulation of ARCH members with the government-backed independent regulator, the CNHC. This should eventually add to its professionalism, further improve public confidence and increase its acceptance by conventional medics.

The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists

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