"I found the practical aspect of the course to be outstanding...." Dec., 2022

"Thank you for an excellent professional approach" September, 2021

"Abi and Roger have been really lovely and welcoming, the experience has been both challenging and rewarding and has inspired me to go home and pursue a career in colon hydrotherapy to help clients with their digestive health and wellbeing. Thank you Roger and Abi" June, 2021

"Would recommend to anyone interested in becoming a (colonic) therapist! October, 2018

"Loved the course, great teachers, lovely venue and location (and lunches!), thank you Roger and Abi! Can't wait to get started in my practice!" March, 2018

"... it was an honour to be taught by someone who is so passionate about what they do and I really appreciate all the additional input and advice you have given in the wider sense of things. I feel this course has made a real difference to our practice.."  August, 2016

"Thank you both for all your help and support over the last 11 days.  Thanks for all the soups and lunches, I have enjoyed the course and learnt lots" May, 2016

"A great teaching environment and a great balance of good teaching, caring mentors; fellow colleagues well looked after over and above what you would expect from an educational course" May 2015

"Loved the course, wished I had done this years ago".. "Loved the practical sessions" May 2014

"Thank you so much for being so patient in answering all my queries and your willingness to share your knowledge. I have found the course very informative, and I have also found it very reassuring in the way you taught the practical" Sept, 2013

"It was a nice & wonderful experience and the classes in Tinchapel were excellent. Thanks so much for the interesting classes, for all the support during training & also for the delicious soups!!" Nov 2012

"Still the best course I've been on for years (many, many years!) " Sept. 2012 about our course in Feb., 2009

"Course excellent, I believe as a nurse I could not have chosen a better training provider. Everything I expected and more."  March, 2012

"Exceptionally good course . I feel very confident to treat pts as a colonic hydrotherapist and am looking forward to doing so ASAP. Thank you both very much". Nov., 2011

"You make me feel confident to go out and practise but also very generously offered to be at the end of the phone should we need advice"  Sept., 2011

"Good - both teachers - Dr Milo's laid-back & soft approach made it really easy for us to feel comfortable about colonics as a holistic concept. Roger with his thorough and encyclopaedic knowledge of the theoretical aspect of the course, as well as his patience with our practical and theoretical blunders, was a true source of inspiration" Jan., 2011

" I have been looking forward to doing this course since November and this week has exceeded my expectations" March, 2010

"Thank you so much for the course which I thought was superb - I think you have found the best possible balance offering the option of taking the modules separately or in one go, and making the course intensive to minimise work disruption and travel expenses, etc., - I wouldn't have changed a thing!!" May, 2009

"Overall, a brilliant course. Roger very knowledgeable" March 2007

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel well equipped to practice on my own in the knowledge that I have had the best training available." January, 2007

"Standards are very high and I think they should be kept that way. Two very good teachers (brilliant in fact). Thank you so much" May, 2006

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. The week has flown (always a sign of a good course!)" July 2005

"Both teachers very friendly and obviously know their stuff. Thank you!" October 2004

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