Course Pre-requisites

For those wishing to apply to join ARCH after successful course completion, prospective students must either be trained in conventional medicine (an MD or RGN) or already hold a verifiable pass certificate in a substantial body-based therapy which should have been studied during a two year full time or three year part-time course including in-depth anatomy and physiology. If the main qualification is not touch-based, a suitable physical contact course should be completed

For those aspiring to join ARCH, but who do not fulfil the above conditions,  we may accept students who are part-way through CAM or nursing courses, or those on a naturopathic path to practice, on the basis that they will fulfil ARCH membership criteria in the not-too-distant future. All students should possess a good understanding of human anatomy and physiology which should be certificated at level 3. Please phone  to discuss.

All enrolled students should submit a current Emergency First at Work (EFAW) certificate (valid for 3 years) and a "basic disclosure" under the data protection act 1998 showing that you have not been prosecuted nor have a relevant criminal conviction. This is obtainable in England and Wales through (there is a fee payable for this). These documents need not be submitted upon enrolment, but should be supplie before taking he course.

This colonic hydrotherapy course covers more than the accredited syllabus set by The Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) and considerably more than the National Occupational Standards for colonic hydrotherapy. ARCH membership is not automatic, and is subject to application and scrutiny by a membership committee.

See application form for current fees

Course Dates

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